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supernatural + what the actual fuck is going on here


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I kind of admire how they made sure we’d fall in love with Steve Rogers before we fell in love with Captain America.

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*misses school one day*
*misses a fight*
*misses a breakup*
*misses 12 assignments*
*misses a dog riding a skateboard*
*misses the shooting of archduke Ferdinand*

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Best of Bobby Singer

i’m so fucking angry right now i stubbed my pinky toe a few days ago and i figured it was broken but why go to the emergency room right?? there’s nothing to do for a broken pinky toe right??? so today i’m at the doctor for a checkup and i’m like “hey check out my toe lol” and they take an x-ray and its fucking DISLOCATED. I DISLOCATED MY PINKY TOE. so then they tell me i need SURGERY. so tomorrow i have to go back and get a pin put in my toe and have a cast for 3 WEEKS for my FUCKING PINKY TOE IM SO ANGRY

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Jared and Jensen Jus in Bello Con: Saturday Panel on Saturday 28th April, 2012

Question: “What is the most significant moment in your life?”

Jensen: “Uh, ya know, I… I’d probably have to say the day I got married. That was…. Because, because I’ve never been, uh,  I’ve never had so many people looking at me and felt so small, next to her. (Smiles) Actually, they were probably all looking at her. (Laughing) Yeah, everybody was looking at her.”

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This is like my favorite thing. Actually listen. 

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